Your privacy is very important to us. We take the privacy of personal data very seriously and handle your data with care. We ensure that the personal information provided to us is treated confidentially and respectfully and will only process that information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

These are the Privacy Regulations of It respects the privacy of its candidates, professionals, and users of its website along with the services and ensures that the personal information provided to Get Six Sigma is protected and treated confidentially.

Here we explain how we handle the personal data we obtain, which personal data it may concern, why we collect and process this and how long we keep the data. You can also read what your rights are, how you can report data leaks or suspicions of them and how we will deal with them.

We take the following into account when processing personal data:

  • We clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data, which we describe in these Privacy Regulations;
  • The collection of personal data is limited to only the personal data that is necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require parties who, on our instructions, process your personal data by means of a processor agreement;
  • We respect your right to provide, correct or delete your data at your request.

Website visitors, social media

We collect your data from the moment you enter or leave your data on our website, or view our social media communications (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Candidates, Interim Professionals, Freelance Interim Professionals, and employees

The moment you register at our website, we will collect and process your data for the execution of our services. This concerns the following information when registering;

  • Name and address details, e-mail address, and other (emergency) contact details;
  • Birthdate, age, gender;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) containing personal data of your choice, information about education, internships, and work experience;
  • Information about availability and leave;
  • Other information that is or may be important in the assessment of the suitability of you as a candidate, for example, references and certificates;
  • Interview reports assessing your suitability and assessment
  • Passport photo and video (introduction) – voluntarily.

Get Six Sigma collects and processes personal and business data for:

  • The execution of our services: offers services, or is engaged, as an “intermediary”, in the sense that we (interim) professionals, freelance interim professionals (hereinafter referred to as candidates), mediate, recruit, select, present, and temporarily deploy. It is, therefore, necessary for us to know and be able to approach a large current network of candidates;
  • communicate with you (correctly and clearly);
  • process or respond to the user’s feedback and complaints to improve our services and resources or to serve you better;
  • improve our services;
  • be able to assess your suitability and availability in connection with mediation for permanent or temporary work or an assignment, whereby users can also be made of test results, reference checks, social media (only if this is really relevant for the position and is indicated in the vacancy text);
  • to process data for certain functions in the context of pre-employment screening;
  • promote personal development along with employability, which includes training, learning, and testing;
  • guide your career and help you with outplacement
  • quality purposes such as certification;
  • if we have entered into an employee or personnel/brokerage relationship with you, for compliance with laws and regulations, including but not limited to identification, labor law, tax, and social security law, pension, anti-fraud, and national and international sanctions laws.

Retention periods does not store your data longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed unless the data must be kept longer to comply with legal obligations.

Transfer of personal data will never provide the information you provide to third parties that are not relevant in the mediation process. With regard to the data processors, We have concluded separate processing agreements with parties in which the rights and obligations with regard to the processing of data are regulated.

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