Six Sigma Combo Training & Certification

In the Six Sigma Certification Combo program, you will gain extensive knowledge and crucial skills in the Six Sigma Green Belt, MINITAB PRO, and Six Sigma Black Belt. The course provides candidates with end-to-end guidance on live project execution in GB & BB, with Master Black Belt Certified Professional instructor’s support and MINITAB Analysis. This Course provides a live instructor-led online training program and helps you grow and enhance your career as a Six Sigma Expert.

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Six Sigma Combo Training & Certification


Six Sigma Combo unlocks up the number of career opportunities. The possibilities for job growth will increase along with the overall pay. Those who are Certified Professionals in this course can easily expect many opportunities solely offered to them. Those who are trained in this methodology and principles of Six Sigma Combo have impactful ideas and are respected and sought after in their particular profession. Six Sigma Black Belt training can help in a number of ways and is widely applicable and accepted in every profile and process. The third-Party Validation tool is also offered by us for credential verification which also adds a very considerable impact in the eye of Employers.

Our Certification Courses are globally recognized and have the highest accreditation value. The Training program consists of a live interactive virtual classroom session with multiple training sessions on weekends and weekdays. This program features expert support, live projects implementation, MINITAB PRO simulations for data and analysis, world-class study material, and 24*7 instructor support for all learning-related queries.


Our SIX SIGMA COMBO training course consists of a number of components:

  • TRAINING: In our thorough training program, you first learn from the fundamentals to the whole background of Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt. We put in the exposure to practicality in every concept. After completion of your Green Belt Training and certification, your Black Belt Training and Certification will be held.
  • EXTRA: With our in-depth analysis and Body of Knowledge you position what you have learned on a theoretical foundation. The program also contains numerous self-study assignments, in which we focus, among other things, on the use of MINITAB PRO.
  • FOLLOW-UP: During your training, you will get an access code to an E-learning module that is LMS (Learning Management System Software). You can pass the material easily and interactively.
  • EXAM: On the last training day, the CLSS Green Belt exam will be held. After successful completion of your exam, you will immediately receive the official Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and after receiving your Green Belt Certification, your Black Belt training will be conducted. On the Successful completion of training and attempting the exam, you will receive the official Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate.



Lesson 00 - Course Introduction

Lesson 1.0 - Introduction to Six Sigma and Organizational Goals

Lesson 1.1 - Six Sigma and Organizational Goals

Lesson 1.2 - Lean Principles in the Organization

Lesson 1.3 - Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodologies

Lesson 1.4 - Summary to Six Sigma and the Organization

Lesson 2.0 - Introduction to Define Phase

Lesson 2.1 - Project Identification

Lesson 2.2 - Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Lesson 2.3 - Project Management Basics

Lesson 2.4 - Management and Planning Tools (Apply)

Lesson 2.5 - Business Results for Projects

Lesson 2.6 - Team Dynamics and Performance

Lesson 2.7 - Summary of Define Phase

Lesson 2.8 - Project 1

Lesson 3.0 - Introduction to Measure Phase

Lesson 3.1 - Process Analysis and Documentation (Create)

Lesson 3.2 - Probability and Statistics

Lesson 3.3 - Collecting and Summarizing Data

Lesson 3.4 - Statistical Distributions(Understand)

Lesson 3.5 - Measurement System Analysis(MSA)(Evaluate)

Lesson 3.6 - Process and Performance Capability

Lesson 3.7 - Summary of Measure Phase

Lesson 3.8 - Project 1

Lesson 4.0 - Introduction to Analyze Phase

Lesson 4.1 - Hypothesis Testing

Lesson 4.2 - Exploratory Data Analysis

Lesson 4.3 -  Summary of Analyze Phase

Lesson 4.4 - Project 1

Lesson 5.0 - Introduction to Improve Phase

Lesson 5.1 - Design of Experiments(DOE)

Lesson 5.2 - Root Cause Analysis(Analyze)

Lesson 5.3 - Lean Tools

Lesson 5.4 - Selecting a Solution

Lesson 5.5 - Summary Improve Phase

Lesson 5.6 - Project 1

Lesson 6.0 - Introduction to Control Phase

Lesson 6.1 - Statistical Process Control(SPC)

Lesson 6.2 - Control Plan (Apply)

Lesson 6.3 - Lean Tools for Process Control

Lesson 6.4 - Summary of Control Phase

Lesson 6.5 - Project 1


Lesson 1.0- Six Sigma Concepts & Philosophy

Lesson 1.1- Metrics: DPU, DPMO, RTY

Lesson 1.2- Sigma Deployment

Lesson 1.3- Project Selection & MINITAB Orientation

Lesson 1.4- Download &Initiate MINITAB Practice

Lesson 2.0- Define & Measure Stage

Lesson 2.2- Basic Statistics

Lesson 2.3- Concept of Variation, Data Types, Measures of dispersion

Lesson 2.4- Limit Theorem

Lesson 2.5- Process Mapping, Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Lesson 3.0- Cause & Effect diagram, Pre‐control charts & Paired comparison

Lesson 3.1- Design of Experiments (DoE)

Lesson 4.1- Process Capability

Lesson 4.2- Advanced Statistics: Sampling distribution, Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA

Lesson 5.1- Control Stage, FMEA, Team Work

Lesson 6.1- Enterprise View

Lesson 6.2- DMAIC Plus Model

Lesson 7.1- Understanding Variation & Causes

Lesson 7.2- Strategies to Reduce Variation

Lesson 7.3- Advanced Statistical Concepts

Lesson 8.1-Factorial Designs

Lesson 8.2-Fractional Factorial Designs

Lesson 8.3-Taguchi Methods, S/N Ratios

Lesson 9.1-Understanding DFSS

Lesson 9.2-Voice of the Customer & QFD

Lesson 9.3-Design of Manufacturability

Lesson 9.4-System and Design FMEAs

Lesson 10.1-Lean Enterprise, Lean Thinking

Lesson 10.2-3M, Seven Types of Wastes

Lesson 10.3-Heijunka, Kanban, Tact Time

Lesson 10.4-Value Stream Mapping, 5S, TPM

Lesson 10.5-Continuous Flow Manufacturing

Lesson 11.1-Managing Cultural Change Managing Teams

Lesson 11.2-Facilitation Process and Tools

Lesson 11.3-Team Dynamics and Performance

Lesson 11.4-Project Management

Lesson 11.5-Knowledge Management

Lesson 12.1-Distributions

Lesson 12.2-Statistical Inference & ANOVA

Lesson 12.3-Measurement Assurance

Lesson 12.4-SPC, Process Capability


Six Sigma opens up plenty of career growth and opportunities. The potential for job growth gets increased along with the overall pay. Those who are trained in this course can easily expect some openings and opportunities exclusively offered to them directly by organizations. Those who are Certified Six Sigma experts and are trained in this methodology have productive ideas and are respected and sought after in their field. Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification can help in a number of ways and is widely applicable in every sector and process. Professionals looking to excel can easily enroll into these training courses and get on to the successful career opportunities.

  • Illustrate one’s ability to incorporate Lean Six Sigma as a long-term continuous improvement philosophies and principles in their organizations
  • Gives cutting-edge value to professional data and helps improve job performance
  • Opens up greater career opportunities and illustrates one’s ability in various Leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • It helps you enhance your fundamental understanding of all components, theories, and techniques used in project management
  • illustrates one’s ability to apply DMAIC methodologies in Enterprise-wide high-complex projects


  • Get eligible for high-package jobs
  • Improve your CV & LinkedIn Profile with professional development
  • Options and opportunities in various fields like:Senior Management, Financial/business analyst, Commodity manager, Project manager, Quality manager, Production manager, Production Engineer, Business development manager, Manufacturing process engineer, Continuous improvement director, Business managers or consultants, Management students, Team leaders, Software Professionals, Quality Assurance Engineers,
    Software Quality Assurance team members, Director or VP of operations, CEO, CFO, CTO
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belts are much sought after for prominent leadership positions at top corporates.
  • Since Black Belts (after Green Belt)are the experts Six Sigma practitioners, they are highly been on the lookout by international recruiters too.


Program Curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned as per the ASQ-Body of Knowledge which is a knowledge-based global community of quality professionals.

Live Classes

Instructor LED online training sessions by Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Belt experts to make candidates learn the real scenario of six sigma tools and methodology.


With our vast pool of mock papers and sample exam papers you get the feel of a real-time exam making sure that you qualify on your first attempt.

Experienced Trainers

Lean made simple with our Master Black belts trainers holding 15+ years of experience

Globally Recognized

We are globally accredited by ASQ, International Six Sigma Certification Institute(IASSC), The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC, USA), UK accreditation center limited (UKAC, UK), Ministry for skill development and entrepreneurship (Govt. of India)

24/7 Support

24×7 Online Availability from our instructors in case they have any queries or doubts.



There will be Live instructor led online training as well as E-learning batches. First the candidate will go through the Green Belt Training and Certification exam. After the successful completion of the Green Belt Exam the candidate will be eligible for Black Belt Training and Certification.

There are no prerequisites to enroll for the Lean Six Sigma Combo certification.Candidates who want to learn about Six Sigma and its methodology for future prospects and professionals, can enroll for this course.

You will be awarded a certificate for professional attainment in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt within a week by us upon successful completion of the Certification Training and Examination.

The Course Fee is all inclusive. Candidates do not need to pay anything extra once you pay the course fee.

No, you do not need to have MINITAB PRO installed before you begin with the course. Trainers will ask you to install when it’s required.

Yes, we provide 100+ toolkits along with the course package that includes various Excel sheets used for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt.

Yes, along with the course you will get the instructor guidance to use MINITAB PRO.

There will be certain dummy as well as Live projects which you need to complete along with the trainer guidance.


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