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The International Six Sigma Certification Institute is a leading professional certification and training provider. We train and certify individuals and companies so that they are able to validate themselves in identifying risks, errors or defects in the business process and remove them.
We are committed to provide a wide range of training programs to working professionals and students to help them achieve their desired goal.
We provide one of the most extensive training and certification courses. Our high quality study materials and training guidance with the help of the latest technologies available in the market. We make our candidates aware of each and every step towards growth, success and development.

We guide our learners in enhancing their skills by providing them desired knowledge and training through our Certification courses. We provide one of the most updated, quality study material and training by our experts who are industry practitioners with more than 25+ years of experience.

We have different modes and options available to deliver our certification courses as per candidate’s preferences. We provide E-learning courses, Instructor led online training program and one to one sessions with the instructors.

Our training programs are highly focused and aligned by industry driven exposure and we focus on providing real-world understanding and knowledge.

We are dedicated to growing and upgrading the Lean Six Sigma profession by acknowledging professionally qualified individuals and organisations. We continue to provide quality training and certifications to individuals and companies to uplift their expertise and management capabilities.

We envision Six Sigma as a priority in every industry leading to best quality deliverables for consumers and business alike.

Our curriculum is aligned as per the American Society for Quality – Body of Knowledge, IASSC(International Association for Six Sigma Certification) CSSC, USA (The Council for Six Sigma Certification), UK Accreditation Centre Limited (UKAC, UK) and we are also recognised by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (Govt.of India).

Let’s start with the obvious… money.The best way to increase your earning potential is to stand out from the crowd. Nothing does that quicker and for as little cost as a Six Sigma Certification. Not only because it is widely adaptable across any industry, but also because employers know that your knowledge will very likely make a significant impact on their company’s profitability. Their product and services will improve with few errors. It's no wonder that companies give much preference to those employees or candidates who are Six Sigma Certified. The following average salaries in the US speak for themselves (similar result seen worldwide):

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belts can earn an average annual salary of $130,878
  • Six Sigma Black Belts can earn an average annual salary of $104,974
  • Six Sigma Green Belts can earn an average of $90,727

We’ve seen it time and time again; individuals with their advanced degrees are unable to even get their foot in the door of their desired industry. Once certified in Six Sigma, their career changes overnight. As many companies have begun implementing Six Sigma methodologies, employers are eager to eliminate business defects and errors. With Six Sigma Certified professionals companies get an opportunity to reduce their errors and defects and make the process cost effective and reliable with more trustworthy products/brands. Companies who have Six Sigma Certified professionals working and taking the leads of the projects, make that particular project profitable with almost zero defects.

The purpose of Six Sigma is to reduce defects and errors in the production process. When companies face layoffs, they depend on their Six Sigma force more. These employees are an organization’s front line in raising profits through cost saving initiatives and increasing the profitability of the company by reducing the unnecessary deformities. If the recession is national or global, prospective opportunities and salaries can become even better as the competition between organizations for experienced Six Sigma professionals increases a lot.

Six Sigma Methodologies can transform any organization by identifying and eliminating errors from the process that would have otherwise created poor customer satisfaction and losses to the business management. A Certified Six Sigma professional can help across any industry to optimize the processes or systems leading to enhance the products and services for good customer relationships. This in turn increases the brand image of the company leading to increased profitability and organised management skills.

When you are capable of making a significant impact across your organization and being viewed as an indispensable asset to your organization, it goes without saying that leadership opportunities will become extremely common. In fact, the more you advance your Six Sigma skill set, the more opportunities will present themselves in front of you leading to being more successful and skilled as compared to others.


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